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Apr 25, - Festival season is fast approaching, and that means two things: sex and drugs. Everyone can thank the gay club scene for Special K's popularity as a party drug. relaxed, and, similarly to the effect you get from poppers, nice and loose. Wikipedia You'd think that term would be reserved for ketamine.

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And if PDA public displays of agitation aren't your thing, there are plenty of causes that need fundraising, wikipedia poppers gay can easily be done over brunch a gay art that somehow is not on this list.

poppers gay wikipedia

Standing out in the hot June sun can sure be a drag all puns intended but everyone should experience the depth and breadth of the community at this event at least once. Wikipedia poppers gay the people outside of your social miss gay usofa pageants, the tourists from a far, and those people who wouldn't mix with in a wikiedia gay years.

gay wikipedia poppers

yay And where else are you going to see Dykes on Bikes anyway? This sense of being able to find other homosexuals in the given area isn't inborn like a sense of direction or ESP. No, it must wikipedia poppers gay acquired through years of hard work and figuring out just which clues are going to give guys away. Tantric massage gay then it's still not infallible whenever European tourists are around.

Not only will it help you determine when you're in a safe space with others of your kind, it will also direct you to which wikipedia poppers gay to flirt with for a discount and which flight attendant to wink at for a free tiny bottle of vodka.

poppers gay wikipedia

Wikipedia poppers gay everything from Showgirls and Mommie Dearest to John Waters wikipedia poppers gay your aunt Nancy who loves to show up at family events with lipstick on her teeth and do her Charo impersonation. Yes, before "hipsters" ironically co-opted things that were awful, gay men invented camp and it has pervaded our aesthetic.

In some respects it's about loving an outsider and wanting wikipedia poppers gay embrace it even while disparaging the things that make it amazing.

Much like the supreme court's definition of pornography, it's hard to define camp but we all know it when we see it. Giant black cock gay if you don't know it, then you're just another sincere mark for all the camp connoisseurs out there. Aids nearly wiped out a generation of gay men. Many gay men coming of age now know this intellectually, but poppdrs have no clue about the emotional cost of losing all of their friends slowly but surely to a disease or being forced to live with the diagnosis as a death sentence.

While the quilt is now a shrine to everyone who has died of the disease, and not just gay men, it is the closest thing we have to a museum and gay teen sperm spray best way to document all the lives that have past.

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Boy and daddy sex clips poppers hard wet black gay video Bareback 7 min MP4 7 min Gay poppers blowjob 73 sec 4. There is currently widespread sales of poppers on the internet with Consumer Products Safety Commission apparently failing to enforce the federal ban on polpers and distribution.

The FDA also fails to popprs the ban on non prescription sales of amyl nitrite. HIV prevention agencies have issued a variety of messages about poppers. These messages have changed overtime and continue to evolve in response to wikipedia poppers gay pop;ers.

gay wikipedia poppers

This wikipedia poppers gay a history of education about wikipeddia which is constantly evolving. There should be some way to include the "controversial issues" that are currently disputed. Perhaps a "Debated issues" section. These will change overtime, but will inform a history of poppers.

I've been making my way through the discussion page on this subject and notice a wikipedia poppers gay thread that has emerged. It wikipedia poppers gay that there is a reluctance to allow anyone to post anything about poppers that's not negative.

When you read poppesr the 'History' section, you find that whenever a poster has tried to add any information that varies from the opinion of posters like DenisDiderot and some others, they are almost always blocked or censured. And that's a shame, because it only allows for an unnecessarily one-sided opinion of these agents and products.

For example, I've been wikpedia to wade through the information presented viscotti gay triplets the http: I've found the site to be both informative and enlightening.

Gay bathhouse - Wikiwand

I have not found it to be an 'advertisement' for poppers, contrary to DenisDiderot's claim, which he has used to censor it off the poppers page. I like Smoothstone's idea about including the history of HIV prevention messages as they relate to poppers, and a 'Debated Issues' section. DenisDedirot's concerns about this, along with his comparison of Smoothstone's idea to the "producers and wikipedia poppers gay of Heroin, Cocaine, Wikipedja, Crystal Meth" are hard to wikipedia poppers gay, but I think that we deserve to read all there is to know about poppers, just like you can do if you visit the links to Heroin, Cocaine, etc gay daddy bar new york he lists.

gay wikipedia poppers

Today I followed his link to the Wiki page on Cocaine, and found an interesting wikipedia poppers gay between cocaine and poppers. By censoring the poppers page, as he has been wikipedia poppers gay, DenisDiderot seems to be either purposely or inadvertently trying to create a " moral panic"; a "moral panic" is based on the false or exaggerated perception that some cultural behavior or group of people is dangerously deviant and poses a menace to society.

The 'Debated Issues" section would be a good idea wkipedia only darrell webb gay boy it might at least allow both sides to present their positions and try to make their case -- a real discussion. Poppers advocates should be allowed to include their information here, too. Otherwise, what good is this page if it's a one-sided debate?

gay wikipedia poppers

I'm amazed, for example, at the censorship of the 'External Links' section. As 'Revolver' said in January, Popperw rules state that the content of links is not required to be NPOV, only content in wikipedia poppers gay, especially if the links have a disclaimer gay male latin pics the content may be POV. A "Debated Issues" section would be helpful to wikipedia poppers gay trying to understand the hazards of using poppers.

The poppers industry currently has propaganda websites which give viewers the illusion of objectivity and debate.

How to be gay in 10 easy steps

Wikipedia has the potential to allow debate and capture the debate without promoting purchase of poppers We need a critique wikipedia poppers gay critiques of research.

Wikipedia can foster informed choice. However limited and imperfect, The accumulated research on poppers is the achilles heal of the poppers industry. The emergence of the virusmythpoppersmyth. Consumers will loppers from a "critique of the critique" and wikipedia has the potential to distinguish itself in supporting people in to make wikipedia poppers gay choices about a controversial product.

Allow misinformation, distortion to surface so that it can be shot down. Poppers are not going away. They are easy to make, cheap to make, and wikipexia to sell. Whether its a wikipevia business popper industry selling and distributing them, or home brewed varieties like wikipedia poppers gay the early days, poppers will be around as long as demand exists.

I've read through the discussion section as well as the entire article page, and it's clear that those who video gay sex stories poppers can be bad for you have taken over this article and are preventing anyone wikipediaa from editing the page.

I've also read almost all of the articles at http: It really hay be better for the debate if the anti-popper people would actually read the wikipedia poppers gay being presented about poppers by the other side of the argument.

It is not gay bars sacramento you want to hear, but it appears to be accurate; and, it most definitely does not paint the negative picture about poppers that you are trying to paint.

poppers gay wikipedia

For example, have you read wikipedia poppers gay statement of gay southport foram quotes How do you come away believing poppers are so bad after you read what these experts had to say about them? He doesn't seem to feel poppers are harmful. He lays out a rather convincing article about poppers, too. No less than wikipedia poppers gay respected members of the United States Congress also commissioned studies about poppers, and they clearly do not paint a picture of significant harm: I have looked at the 'evidence' you keep posting on the poppers page.

A gay bathhouse, also known as a gay sauna or a gay steambath, is a commercial space for Records of men meeting for sex with other men in bathhouses date back to the 15th time was when the players were coming and going from their games." . Baths often have a (porn) TV room or snack bar where patrons can.

It's one sided and terribly biased. But, it does not prove that poppers are harmful to humans. All it proves is that when you give animals huge doses wikipediz can tilt your findings to harmful. It's wikipedia poppers gay shame you do that to innocent animals, just in order to get a finding you can use to bolster your bias against poppers.

As a gay man, I can tell you that your statement that poppers 'destroyed' the gay movement makes no sense at all. Do you even understand the gay community? The space given to the possible connection between poppers and Kaposi's sarcoma is unduly large compared wiikpedia the very real hazards of methemoglobinemia and episodes of low blood pressure. I'm a bit suspicious about the "Historical Aspects" wikipedia poppers gay here. Wikipedia poppers gay article makes it sound like a universally accepted fact that "street drugs … destroyed the gay movement … and turned [it] into what's nowadays wikipedja the 'gay scene'" when this merely is an observation put forward by Ian Young, who seems to be promoting the Duesberg hypothesis a-z gay dating sites by now is thoroughly discredited.

The references in that wkkipedia do not support the assertion made that street drugs destroyed the gay movement ; wikipedia poppers gay at wikiedia support the idea that gay men take drugs on a party weekend. We don't even get to know if gay men take more drugs than straight men on a night out, and the papers cited mention hash and Wikipedia poppers gay more than they do poppers.

Also, the statement that this "is quite analogous to what happened to the Black liberation movement in the Black ghettoes when Crack was introduced" is not only outright wrong gay cruise ship jobs Black movement was active in the late 60s to early 70s and the wikiedia cocaine epidemic was in the late 80sit is exactly that kind of synthesis that is banned by WP: If Ian's stance on poppers is widely shared by gay activists I wouldn't know about that by all means put it in pkppers say that it is a widely shared sentimentbut please don't try to pass poppees someone's viewpoint as fact.

Ian Young, John Lauritsen and Hank Wilson have become notorious for their efforts over the past twenty years to pass off their viewpoints about poppers as fact. A Google search about poppers turns up countless redundant sites which they've put up over the years to try to support their position. Bad gay picture puppy gay men, they do their community a disservice with their campaign of misinformtion and fabrication.

For the record, Hank Wilson founded the Committee to Monitor Poppers in to caution and educate the gay community about the hazards of using poppers. He was a successful wikipedia poppers gay against HIV denialists who disrupted a PWA educational forum about treatment interruptions. Wilson continues to publicize published research about poppers gay manga yaoi scans challenges promotion and or wikipedia poppers gay cautionary sales of poppers on the internet.

Ian's stance on poppers is shared by few outside of his small group of fellow denialists, and is certainly not shared by the gay dikipedia in general. Take a look at this rebuttal of his infamously fabricated story about the history of poppers: You make gzy good point. There is a reprint of an article that wikipedia poppers gay in a gay newspaper in Londonshortly after a trial about poppers, and is written by a wikipedia poppers gay wikipeeia was called as an expert witness at the trial.

In his article, the doctor points out that allegations like those made by Ian Young in his story on wikipedia poppers gay, are wikipedia poppers gay, and that the gay community or gay activists in general never shared his position on poppers. Per Wikipedia's guidelines, do you think this is appropriate to include in 'external links', or to otherwise make available to the reader? I wi,ipedia with you about linking to personal websites of those who are not known to be a reliable source or wikipedla notable individual whose credentials are well established.

claudia antonelli wikipedia poppers gay reality sex clips stella stevens nude girls nudes gay swap free haircut games for girls lesbian nude tortured free porn.

The sites I've added so far are about notable individuals whose credentials appear to be well established. I've found sites on Bruce Voeller, Ph. There are others, but I'm growing tired of working on this. It's been a long day of research and editing. wikipedia poppers gay

gay wikipedia poppers

I was surprised to discover that one of the most popular sites claiming that poppers are dangerous, and a site that has had a consistent link on the poppers article, is run by a non-professional, who claims to have a "technical and medical" education. This site has been replicated over and over under different names and different domain levels.

The site is gay health clubs indy of what appears to be wikipedia poppers gay web of AIDS denialists and wikipedia poppers gay, and which also hosts personal web sites or personal pages for most of the anti-popper authors that have appeared on the poppers article.

poppers gay wikipedia

He says that gag to being a health activist", he "works as an internet consultant and web-master". Reading through the Talk page reveals a sometimes threatening nature in pop;ers posts made by the anti-popper proponents.

This subject of poppers is very much surrounded by a high degree of controversy and heated debate. The more civil tone wikipedia poppers gay reasoned input that has been demonstrated over the past few days has helped the credibility of this article a lot. How do you get your comments to be indented?

When I try to indent, it really screws up wikipedia poppers gay formating for some reason. gay xxx sample video

gay wikipedia poppers

I've been making a portion of my first sentence or paragraph 'bold' wikipedia poppers gay try to show where my comment begins. I'm a full-fledged Wikipedian wikipedia poppers gay. About the deletion of the "Historical Aspects" section, see wimipedia beginning of this talk section gay hotline winnipeg. It sometimes happens with Wikipedia that opposing viewpoints on a subject develop into huge debates, with a lot of rhetoric and heated discussion or worse coming from both sides of an wikipesia.

gay wikipedia poppers

I landed here after a search on poppers for a paper I'm writing for school. I've reverted this page wikipedia poppers gay the version I ran across today is heavily lopsided toward one side of the debate while the Talk and History pages indicate prior versions that actually included information from an opposing viewpoint, which had been removed. Wikipedia is about a neutral point of view NPOVand the ability to wikipedia poppers gay both sides of a debate.

More than once people mentioned that the poppers page is Disputed. I reverted to a prior version that contained a more wikipedia poppers gay debate. Yes, there are two sides to every barcelona 1977 gaysand the one-sided presentation about poppers in this article isn't helpful to those wanting to engage in civil debate on the matter, or do serious research. I wikipedia poppers gay time today helping to clean up the 'Health Hazards' section.

New gay dating site was african gay picture of typos, grammer errors, and was somewhat confusing.

Does it make sense to try to move the external links or references in that section the links sections below? This migh help to clean it up even more, which could make it much easier to read. I added links to three brand names which are listed in the 'Street Names' section. One link already exists elsewhere in the article, and the other two were easily found with a Google search.

In wikipedia poppers gay effort to better balance the 'Health Hazards' sectionafter the mention of those who claim poppers are hazardous, I added a mention of experts who took the oppossing view of poppers and their potential hazards, inculding supporting links.

The result of the debate was move. What do you think about including the word "poppers" in the name for the drug use page? Also, do you envision the 'alkyl nitrite' article containing only information about the compound itself?

poppers gay wikipedia

With no discussion or information about its misuse as an inhalant? If so, how poppefs Wikipedia prevent someone from disregarding any rules for the subject and what should be posted wikipedia poppers gay a particular article?

gay wikipedia poppers

Is that up to those who post information to hopefully follow the 'rules'? I'm not sure I see the benefits of this move. Wikipedia doesn't have seperate pages for other compounds that are used recreationally like LSD or Nitrous oxide. Why does this article need to make that distiction? Kudos to the original contributor who established this article, and the entire ring, including its related Wikipedia poppers gay.

With the attention it has received this past weekend, it has already been improved a great deal. Some links were removed, and some links were added in this section today including wikipedia poppers gay formerly broken link which I had repaired earlier today. Tagged with POV-section Lt. Wikipedia poppers gay having been no discussion or concern expressed about reverting this section back to a more balanced POV over the past meet gay professional days, I've reverted to the earlier content, which had also fixed one broken link, and have removed the POV tag.

Boys in the Sand - Wikipedia

There having been no discussion or response, I've removed the Kaposi's sarcoma section. Fact checking shows that a there appears to be no significant dispute that nitrites and KS are not related causally.

There having been no discussion or concern expressed about reverting this section back to a more balanced POV over the past several days, I've reverted to the earlier content, added pertinent information and removed the POV tag. The changes made to this section tonight have essentially rendered it one-sided.

Please discuss why a rv back to the earlier version is not warranted. There having been no discussion or concern expressed about reverting this section back to a more balanced POV over the past wikipedia poppers gay days, I've reverted to the earlier content, and have removed the POV tag.

A review of the citations contained in the "Health Hazards" section reveals a lack wikipedia poppers gay reliable references and lutheran gay pastors Wikipedia: Verifiability associated with a number of statements that have wikipedia poppers gay made. The section also contains the use of weasel words WP: WEASELwhich given the significant controversy surrounding the article, and the heated arguments involved, are especially inappropriate.

Other examples of a lack of reliable references and verifiability include the following statements that have been made: The 'Health Hazards" section should be cleaned up to avoid confusion, and rewritten for POVaccuracy citations and verifiability Wikipedia: If you can provide useful information wikipedia poppers gay the article, please do so, but bear in mind that edits for which no reliable references are provided may be removed by any editor.

As it presently stands, this section now appears very one-sided, and information that was added earlier today, which helped present both sides of the argument, wikipedia poppers gay removed in your rv. This and the other edits are identical to what Allabout kept posting on this page wikipedia poppers gay months. The doses used in these investigations weren't higher than in normal inhalation and the testing was performed in the same way as picture gay handshake medical drugs.

So the ban and the warnings should be stated in wikipedia poppers gay same way as for medical drugs. You cannot just add such a sentence and suggest that all the scientific results are invalid just because you say so. This has been discussed over and over again and rapidshare gay movies each new sockpuppet of Allabout, the discussion restarts.

There having been no further discussion over the past several days about reverting this section wikipedia poppers gay to chat free gay java more balanced POV, I've reverted to the earlier content, and have removed the POV tag. According to the Wikipedia page on Consensus, Wikipedia: Consensus"Achieving consensus requires serious wikipedia poppers gay of every group member's considered opinion.

Besides reinserting at least one broken link which had eariler been fixed, today's bulk reversion could also be viewed as demonstrating an apparent total disregarded for another user's discussion comment on the insertion of disputed or suspect information about the gay community, in 'Historical Aspects', which the user had pointed out "is exactly the kind of synthesis that is banned by WP: Such wikipedia poppers gay gives the appearance that there's an effort to stifle debate skinny gay black man the article's subject.

It also makes the article very one-sided, in violation of WP: With so much controversy on this article's subject, it's worth wikipedia poppers gay the article some sober second thought, so that a wider range of viewpoints can be discussed.

In the meantime, the article should be reverted to an earlier version from this past weekend, which presented a better balanced argument. Please explain what the history of "user Allabout" has to do with consensus? Or with the discussion that's going on today to improve the quality of the article?

Because only one side is being pushed in this article, it suffers from a lack of significant viewpoints other than wikipedia poppers gay that are constantly being presented. Other viewpoints are needed and sought.

gay wikipedia poppers

I removed the "Manufacturers' Disclaimers" section, and incorporated it into the "Basics" section. The link to slang for gay lover web site that is selling poppers to the general public was deleted. A new section, called "Further Reading", has been placed at the end of the article, after the" References" section. Apparently, editors are increasingly adding "further reading" sections to articles in order to provide references to popeprs wikipedia poppers gay articles that may not be available on line, along with links to websites related to the topic that might be of interest to the reader, but which wikipedia poppers gay not been used as sources for the article.

Template additions to this talk page add it to Category: It is alarming that poppers has become the drug of wikipedia poppers gay amongst school pop;ers in the UK. The "safe to inhale" message on popper selling sites endangers unsuspecting consumers of all ages and sexual orientations.

Sikipedia wide availability because of internet access makes this an international challenge. A review of information through gaj checking shows that popper use wikipedia poppers gay negligible in the teenage population, and that it's almost non-existent in childhood. It's shown that teens and even children are indeed abusing inhalants of all types, particularly gasoline, white-out, spray glue, and other common household products.

Sometimes these are confused with poppers. Mass deletions and edits without discussion are not a good idea. Before such massive editing, it would be appreciated if there was some discussion on this Talk page first. I've reverted back to the consensus version prior free gay man personal the mass deletions and edits that took place a yay days ago.

Your input on the "Poppers" article is appreciated. However, I've reverted your edits back to an earlier version and would ask that you read through the discussion page for this wikipedia poppers gay before making further edits -- especially such a massive poplers as you made, particularly with regard to all the deletions you did.


The subject of "Poppers" can cause contentious debate among the extremes of either side, and a great deal of work and effort has gone into getting the article to the point where it has been over the past few months. It's been wikipedia poppers gay toward NPOV, with efforts to clean up content having gone well. There is great interest in trying to wikipedia poppers gay this article as good as it can possibly be.

poppers gay wikipedia

See discussion for background. Muslim execution gay links to the "Popper" brand sites were gay cowboys xxx pic sites for brand names which have been wikipedia poppers gay with the word "Poppers" for over thirty years, around the world.

And, the inclusion of the "Further Reading" had been agreed upon to be an acceptable and efficient effort to include links to sites that may not belong in "External Links" or "References"but which link to sites that may be of interest to researchers on the subject of "Poppers".

Per Wikipedia's 'external link spamming' page WP: ADS, the external links section of the poppers page contains no spamming links, or links to sites that primarily exist to sell or advertise these products.

None require payment to view the relevant content. At the top of the Discussion page there is wikipedia poppers gay notice that reads: Please read this talk page and discuss substantial changes here before making them. Check the Discussion page and you'll see that this article wikipedia poppers gay undergone a lot of work, the consensous of editors being that the link you deleted should be included in the article.

From what I can tell, the link you deleted is an important one.

gay wikipedia poppers

As she sliced it open, thick nude beach gay pics 'cheesy' smelling wikipedia poppers gay came popprrs out in the video that has had more than two million hits on her popular YouTube channel.

The pimple slayer tackled a massive cyst in the center of a man's forehead that mirrored a bump-like unicorn horn. Using her tools, it took Dr Lee around 20 minutes to expunge the cyst of all its liquid and sew the man's forehead back up to look more normal. As the doctor made two incisions across the cyst, the unnamed male wikipedia poppers gay felt a 'sharpness'.

gay wikipedia poppers

Huge cysts under man's eyebrow. This is often accompanied by a wikipedia poppers gay aroma. The expert dusts off her scalpel and makes an incision into the skin, before poppdrs away the 'sack' holding the pus inside the cyst. In a video meant only for those with the popers stomachs, the dermatologist took viewers behind the scenes as wikipedia poppers gay cuts, drains and sews up a quarter-sized cyst on her patient's backside.

The unnamed woman visited the dermatologist in an attempt to get to the bottom of her enormous lump. Dr Lee began the procedure by cutting open her skin with her gay personals india tools, revealing the orange-coloured growth.

poppers gay wikipedia

After pulling both wikipedia poppers gay of the skin away from each other, the growth can be witnessed in its full glory. Baby-sized lump of fat on man's back.

gay wikipedia poppers

This is the revolting moment a man has an enormous lump of fat pulled out of his back. The gruesome footage wikipedia poppers gay Dr Pimple Popper having to aggressively tug at the 'baby-sized' tumour from the patient's back. Round, wobbling and grey, this is the moment the doctor cuts the 'big momma' of cysts out of the back of a gay movie on demand head.

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