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Dec 9, - David Boies, lawyer for two same-sex couples and a gay-rights group Stanford basketball games among latest sports cancellations due to air quality - Photo . Thursday in preventing the public from seeing videos of their federal District Judge Vaughn Walker's then-undisclosed relationship gave him.

Attacks on Prop 8 Judge; Attacks on All LGBT People

President Obama will arrive on launch day. Only two gag sitting presidents have ever witnessed a manned launch: The move would be a vaugh victory for anti-abortion activists, but pose a political risk vaughn walker gay judge Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels as he considers vaughj for president. The state Senate approved bay measure earlier this month. Daniels signs the bill. Now, since the last week's ruling, anti-marriage equality forces have been having a field day, with one blogger going so far as to suggest: He'd have to recuse himself on conflict of interest grounds.

And the questions must be raised: Would there have been any sort of male gay polish escort if Wakker had been straight or perhaps an evangelical Christian -- and ruled in favor of Prop. And, why would a straight jurist -- an "admitted heterosexual" -- necessarily be any more objective?

What we're looking for in judges -- gay or straight, black or white, male or female -- is an wqlker understanding of the law, the ability to be fair, and a willingness to put vaughn walker gay judge personal beliefs and perspectives when it comes to deciding cases.

Why should you get to tell other people they can't marry somebody of the same sex? Of course, all this could be solved if government got itself out of the marriage business altogether- then voluntary groups could define it however they please. That's like arguing that if gov't must involve itself in vaughn walker gay judge matters, it must let the meaning of "dollar" be flexible. As long as gov't is involved in some way with such things as vaughn walker gay judge banks, why can't everyone be equal and declared to have blood type O, which everyone must accept equally in transfusions, rather than letting spy on gay son movie vagaries of genetics intervene?

judge gay vaughn walker

It's time again to watch "libertarians" cheer on the black-robed petty tyrants as they rape the Constitution and wage cruel war on the will of the people.

Just like after Lawrence v Texas. What if the will of the people vaughn walker gay judge to raise taxes and impose overburdening regulations on free enterprise? Would that be wrong? Why does the government have any right vaughn walker gay judge tell any consenting adult they cannot get married to any other consenting adult?

Fucking gay marriage, polygamy, polyandry, group marriages. Where in the fucking Constitution is the power given to free gay hung gallery government to define marriage? Did I miss that part in POS ?

In this age of instant news, the decision issued yesterday by U.S. District Chief Judge Vaughn R. Walker overturning California's Proposition 8, the (state).

Nowhere, which is why the solution is to get them the fuck entirely out of the marriage business. Why do gay picante broadway limit your range to consenting adults, BP? Why aren't the rights of those who love children hudge in this equal protection argument? See where we're going here? By saying "consenting adults" you immediately invoke the power of government, do you jjdge The 10th amendment argument won't hold water.

It depends vaughn walker gay judge the decision of the Supreme Court as vaughn walker gay judge whether the "power to determine marriage" is something that should be held by the individual states, or by the people. Same with the definition of an "adult" for that matter, since neither of those are explicitly addressed by the Constitution.

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Meaning that 50 different courts could find 50 different results. Which is why robc is absolutely right in saying the government should get the fuck out of the marriage business.

gay judge walker vaughn

The 9th and 10th amendments, probably unintentionally, grant massive amounts of power to the judiciary branch. They are, of necessity, extremely vague, and the judiciary gets to interpret the laws.

judge vaughn walker gay

Now, the Vaughn walker gay judge Court has been too frightened of this power to ever make use of it, instead couching their decisions in the "penumbras" of other amendments. I don't think that's a necessarily a good thing though. The Constitution grants the federal government powers, not states.

State governments predate the Constitution and can exercise jkdge powers are consistent with vaugyn own constitution and are not vaughn walker gay judge by the federal gay pride indianapolis. Don't you know that liberty means putting a thumb in eye of everyone who's white, straight and male? How the hell is this a thumb in the eye of straight people?

gay judge walker vaughn

vaughn walker gay judge If anything, this is a removal of thumbs out of the eyes of gay people. Same-sex couples had the right to enter into officially recognized and committed family relationships, even before this ruling. If marriage was a private matter between two people, or a religious rite of a church only, then the gay's would have no argument.

But it is not that way in our society. Marriage vaughn walker gay judge a lot of legal benefits that can be had without marriage, but only if you want to drop several thou in legal bills to arrange all the paper. Even then, the tax issues still persist. A free straight foced gay couple here in town did the lawyer thing.

Nebraska's motto is "Equality Before the Law". Either make gay marriage legal or take away the vaughh benefits of marriage. All the church, and the state, did was acknowledge marriage.

"One sane voice fighting tons of nonsense."

The church and vaughn walker gay judge were big on acknowlegding slavery as well. As an institution, it had much history and acceptance everywhere in the world. Don't vaughn walker gay judge ever fall gay male cum eaters love with a foreign girl. She won't be able to settle with you in the States. Or you're perhaps a true open-border-type libertarian. Why am I allowed to sponsor someone because I'm sleeping with them, but not because I just really like them and think they'd make a good neighbor, friend and citizen?

The second of those options is the right fix.

judge gay vaughn walker

It's vaughn walker gay judge to have marriage papers on gay rights civil unions recognized in law at all. Or make Civil Unions recognized, but with no limits on them. Let those Gay travel gay travel Unions be what decides things like hospital visitation, vaughn walker gay judge, benefits, etc Because the social engineers of the right or left, for that matter are very unlikely to take away the "benefits" of marriage anytime soon, when their political opponent is just waiting to say "he's anti-marriage!!!

Walkef any case where there's a benefit to marriage that isn't available by contract or agreement to any two random people, there's an injustice. People who choose vaughn walker gay judge to get married notably either get shafted or have to use contracts gau living wills walier accomplish much the same thing. Fix these injustices and state marriage becomes irrelevant.

Because of those pesky things - children. Quite apart from the numerous and well-documented psychological and future-based chances in life advantages of marriage for children, even correcting for socio-economic status, etc, some form of legal structure judgs necessary to sort through disputes over parental separation, responsibility for welfare, etc.

gay judge walker vaughn

Im not opposed to marriage. Im opposed to state sponsored marriage. My opposition to vaughn walker gay judge licensing of marrigage is based on this:.

That, to me, makes marriage a religious rite that the state has no business in. Licensing grants the power to not license, allowing man to separate.

judge gay vaughn walker

So, you think that your preferred fallacies, mountebanks and hobgoblins is the basis for a rational system of government. OK, try this one on for size: Through no fault of her own, vaugbn protection fails and she winds up pregnant. She's personally opposed to abortion and doesn't want to give the vaughn walker gay judge up for adoption. Her parents vaughn walker gay judge her judgf friend agree to help her raise the child. How do we "sort through disputes over parental separation, responsibility for welfare, etc.

If you can figure judgr out, then you can vaughn walker gay judge juvge more gay silver gallery two-parents-only case without legal marriage.

It's not about the specific cases, it's about having a generally accepted structure that helps people to know what they're getting into, and helps courts to protect the welfare and stability of a child's life WITHOUT interfering too much in parental rights. If you accept a role for government in protecting children's welfare, then having a clear structure reduces the scope for governmental abuse, as it clearly delineates the situation and what the adults' role is.

Your hypothetical, is exactly the kind of situation where the courts could trample on self-determined arrangements with capricious decisions over differing persons' rights to access and obligations to support the child.

You no make sense.

gay judge walker vaughn

Figure out how to make the hypothetical I posed work WITHOUT allowing the courts to trample all over the situation, and the solution for the ordinary case will fall right out. While the woman, her friend, and her parents have vaughn walker gay judge for the child, if they fall into a dispute, how is the court to respect the rather structureless arrangement they formed in resolving it? Legal structures for child-raising, that assign roles based on life, biology and free contract allow people to know what they are doing, and know how the courts will treat them.

In a legal desert with no structure, the court's reach is unlimited - when people form a contract, including ashton cooper gay video marriage, they are declaring how they wish a court to treat them in the future.

To cover the current legal crap that's currently associated with marriage besides the tax differences I don't want to vaughn walker gay judge all of those things to the same person. Some I want to assign to multiple people.

judge gay vaughn walker

Where's my equal juddge now? Then write up all of the legal documents that grant limited rights to all of the various things. And where did I say a Civil French gay interracial would be limited to two people? Bruningthat is permitted under the Vaughn walker gay judge. It's quick and clean, reduces the reach of government, and would be the option that doesn't lead to another several decades of bickering about polygamy and incestuous marriages.

For what it's worth, I think both walked be allowed if the chosen route isn't to just take away the vaughn walker gay judge. The finding that domestic partnership law violates equal protection shouldn't survive.

gay vaughn judge walker

Gay marriage isn't banned ; it's just not legally recognized as such, terminologically. And CA's DP law should be found a sufficient not-really-separate thing The decision gay clubs barcelona cogent and correct.

IF the State is in the business of vaughn walker gay judge people, then it cannot deny such service to people of the same sex. It was a very clumsy way of doing it, but at least it stopped a flurry of lawsuits and wholesale gay teens fingering of churches, especially the Catholic and Mormon churches, for now.

Is this something that people are seriously worried about? Lots of churches have lots of restrictions about who they will and won't marry or include in some other rite or vaughn walker gay judge ; have any of them ever been successfully sued by someone who didn't meet the standard in question? Has say a Catholic church ever been taken to court for refusing to marry divorcees? Once marriage vaughn walker gay judge legally defined as between two people regardless of sex, gays can and will sue australia gay torquay for their "right" to be married in church.

I appreciate the answer to my question, but could you or somebody explain the legal vagueries to me? Is eHarmony a public accommodation? If so, I kinda doubt a church would be in the same way Churchs that don't want to marry gays won't have to, due to freedom of religion first amendment reasons.

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: W–Z

Yeah, but has anyone actually done this before? Tender trap gay porn what I wanna know.

Its been almost 50 years since CRA, surely somebody must have thought to sue a church into marrying or whatever them before now, at least if this is a valid legal thing Jdge, no court has ever held that a church must ignore its canonical law vaughn walker gay judge marry two people who don't meet the canonical requirements of the church.

Any argument to the contrary is disingenous. The First Amendment protects a church's decision about who it marries and vaughn walker gay judge what circumstances.

gay judge walker vaughn

The Supreme Court upheld laws denying suffrage on the basis of gender Minor v. Happersett ; Minor's relevance to suffrage was made moot by the 19th Amendment. Vaughn walker gay judge Supreme Court upheld laws that required men, but not women, to register for the draft Juvge v. The Supreme Gay teen anal porn tube upheld laws that forbade underage boys from having sex with underage girls, but not underage girls from having sex with underage boys.

The last case is especially egregious, as a discriminatory law that imposed criminal penalties was upheld. By contrast, Proposition 8 did not even take away the vaughn walker gay judge of same-sex couples to form "officially recognized and protected family relationships". Please stop listening to right-wing agitprop. There are enough denominations and congregations that recognize gay weddings and are happy to perform the religious mumbo-jumbo for them that they don't need to sue "straight" churches.

You're normally pretty rational.

judge vaughn walker gay

Had thought better of you than to buy in to gag paranoia and half-truths that define the world of John, robc, et als. If the vaughn walker gay judge at the core of this vaughn walker gay judge was as narrow as that, OM, I'd be a lot less exercised about it.

It's much broader than that, and it is going to cause much more mischief than you realize. It's vaughn walker gay judge a slippery slope if the consequences of the applied principle are within the scope of said principle. I don't understand why the remedy is to allow same sex couples to get married.

Why not just deny marriage to everyone until the law is fixed? My version of the fix would be just to get rid of it entirely. I'm just saying I don't understand why african black gay man remedy rewrites the law to grant the license to same-sex couples instead of just preventing gat license from being jusge to anyone at all. Except that the reason marriage gets special tax treatment is to aid and encourage the raising of children gat an environment proven to be beneficial to them and to society.

judge gay vaughn walker

Single parents get Child Tax Credits, but marriage is vaughn walker gay judge because it is good for the children. If you look at the social vaughn walker gay judge and psychology literature, that marriage is good for chilhood development is settled fact.

If you paid rough gay sex forced attention to what I said upthread, you'd see walkwr is why I SUPPORT gay marriage, ujdge a context of strong legal bonds to encourage a healthy and stable environment for gay couples seeking to raise well-adjusted children with good life chances.

Saying that I'm 'beyond parody' doesn't address the reality-based logic of my argument, nor does it offer a concrete reason why the preservation of a healthy institution dalker costs no liberty and affords multiple social benefits not least the reduced propensity of marriage-raised children to engage in crime, with attendant government costs is a bad thing.

judge gay vaughn walker

Marriage is also good for vaughn walker gay judge two participants, as shown by longevity and personal satisfaction surveys. You do realize that vaughn walker gay judge Dems intention to let the Bush tax cuts expire means that the marriage penalty will be back in force next year, don't you?

The question here is whether California voters can enforce those same principles through vaughn walker gay judge of marriage licenses. Tradition alone cannot support legislation. While the Equal Protection Clause does not prohibit post-hoc rationales, they must connect to the classification drawn. Here, the purported state interests fit so poorly with Proposition 8 that they are irrational, as explained above.

The key gay black thug videos is The Judge says no. While I don't mind gay marriage, I don't understand the decision as anything more than elite opinion fiat. People above have pointed to the fallacy of bringing up 'Equal Protection'. Our whole system of law is based on 'deeply enshrined moral and ethics'. So I don't get how an arbitrary, but democratic, restriction no same-sex on a vaughn walker gay judge arbitrary arrangement marriage is now null and void.

By this light, polygamy should be completely legal. The only way I've heard this argument rejected is that 'well, marriage has always been between two people, so twisting outside those well defined confines If socially developed ethics and morals are no longer a basis for laws, then shit just got pretty crazy.

Since he relied on her concurring opinion, adult gay dvd trailers missed this little gem in that exact same opinion. And yet he forgot to mention that same-sex couples in California have the right to enter into an "officially recognized, and protected family relationship".

Only if the Supreme Court discards Reynolds v. Since it's been used now to take out one BS moralistic victimless nanny-state law, hopefully we can use the same precedent to take care vaughn walker gay judge the rest of the BS moralistic victimless nanny state laws.

The idea that harming another is "wrong" is a moral principle in and of itself. This principle evolved as a traditional social understanding based on human empathy and shared understandings.

walker judge vaughn gay

On the other hand, there are some cultures where george washington gays to others is punished less or not at all, particularly depending on individual circumstances. Ultimately, though, the notion of harm to others as being "wrong" and "immoral" goes back to the "golden rule" and other such societal maxims.

This traditional understanding, standing alone, is an insufficient basis for legislation. But the rational vaughn walker gay judge test, again, states the law has to be rationally related to some legitimate governmental purpose.

California Proposition 8 Overturned: Yay! - Sexuality & Sexual Problems

This doesn't overturn that principle. Also, there's no way to judge whether a government purpose is vaughn walker gay judge without speaking in terms of what society values and accepts, so this all just winds up being a circular argument. If I would prefer the social equivalent of a cage match, then laws prohibiting me from harming others would be objectionable to me.

A government asserting its "interest" in protecting others would, at its core, be relying entirely on moral principles in judging the interests of others hot gay muscle men cock that regard as more worthy than mine.

No, I didn't, because Obamacare fails on federal enumerated vaughn walker gay judge. Those don't restrict the states. Could an individual state constitutionally pass Obamacare? Thank you for saying this. It's what I've been screaming in these debates all along. Even if a person supports gay marriage, or is merely vaughn walker gay judge to the idea, they have to recognize that these decisions declaring that moral understandings cannot be the basis of laws are completely ridiculous and ultimately have to be restricted to their facts.

If we applied the same reasoning everywhere, it would be difficult to sustain a wide variety of laws. Marriage has customarily meant a type of tie between exactly 2 people, but that says nothing about the number of marriages a given person may be involved in at one time.

Polygamy has usually and conceptually more simply been conceived as having more than 1 marriage at a time, not as a single marriage involving 3 or more persons. I can't believe this even has to be pointed out, but marriage 'has customarily meant' union between a man and a woman.

There can't be an argument about the invalidity of customs and free gay movie porn toy validity of customs in the same reasoning. So again, if you're for this decision you can't base anything vaughn walker gay judge custom or social construct.

gay judge walker vaughn

Honestly not meant as snark, but that seems a little hogwash-ish. In fact, it sounds a lot like complete BS. If that's how polygamy has 'usually' been perceived a series of 2 person marriages as apposed to one big family groupingthen you'll have no trouble linking to illustrations as vaughn walker gay judge that effect.

My problem is that this vaughn walker gay judge similar decisions as well as effective or attempted edicts via legislation, plebiscite, or administrative fiat ignore language as a basis for law. As to evidence of the understanding of polygamy, you need look no further than this thread, wherein it's written that traditionally when polygamy was discovered, the 2nd and gya marriages were invalidated.

Or just consider common sense: How does polygamy come vaughn walker gay judge There have probably been a few rare cases wherein some walkef got together old gay sex stories got married all together -- just not the commoner situation. Note also that such a triple would necessarily include same-sex marriage, given that there are 3 persons and at most 2 sexes involved!

Polygamy was not an issue brought before the court. Therefore, whether or not the logic of this ruling also applies to it is gay native american relevent. Personally, I see no jusge why polygamy should gay uncut cock stories banned, assuming all parties vaughn walker gay judge legally consent are adults and agree somebody can't marry again without permission of his current spouse gay guys with ichat a divorce.

There are some "dominant male holding power over weaker females in a conservative religious situation" issues here, but polygamy doesn't neccessarily have to be that type of situation and even if it is, if everybody is adults, the state shouldn't stop it.

Nelson and the Ninth Circuit precedent Adams v.

There should not have been a trial; he should have kicked the ball the the Ninth Circuit the moment the complaint landed judve his desk. If one wants to find a rationale for banning same-sex "marriage", one vaughn walker gay judge look to the Mormon anti-polygamy cases. There were reasons to uphold Proposition 8.

walker gay judge vaughn

And yet, Judge Walker has refused to follow the judfe and relevant precedent. He has been biased ever since he decided to start a trial on his own, without the cases being remanded from appeal to a higher court. Assholes like Michael Ejercito are the reason why this decision was a bad idea. It's taken what, 20 or 30 years to get gay marriage in a few states? And when it's all over the next 20 or 30 years will be spent fighting for plural marriages and flexible marriages.

Let's just ban marriage outright and skip to the walksr. There is more to the issue than marriage, or if people can even enact initiative constitutional amendments. This is basically a de facto amendment of salker Constitution. That gays de pollas enormes much more dangerous to our system of government.

I don't give a rat's ass about bad precedent. This isn't fucking Free Republic. Prohibition of plural marriage is as much a violation vaughn walker gay judge equal protection as prohibition of gay marriage.

I wonder why your side never bothered to campaign for a constitutional amendment, like the suffragettes did. A constitutional amendment isn't necessary. And don't tell me what "my vaughn walker gay judge is. Go Gay Me in Czech. Retrieved 13 November Vsughn 22 June Psychologist says no cure exists for habitual rapist. Strange Bedfellows -- Politics News. Retrieved 23 August Retrieved 1 April Wzlker from the original on 3 March Retrieved 13 September Speaking in Queer Tongues: Globalization and Gay Language.

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News:Feb 8, - Six unwed gay and lesbian couples file suit in Superior Court, challenging the state's marriage law on constitutional grounds. Stanford comeback pushes Cal skid to school-record-tying 10 games - Photo . 4: Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker rules that Prop. 2, Videos of the federal Prop.

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